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3 things you don't need to start to change your life

Updated: Apr 5

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1- A lot of savings ahead

Money is always the big red flag when we start to think about a life change.

Immediately we see ourselves kicked out of our homes, saving every penny and caught in an endless money anxiety storm.


Yes, money is a major topic when we consider a life change but 1 - you have time to get prepared, 2 - who said that you need to spend all your savings on your project?

A life change is all about taking baby steps.

Nobody changes his/her life overnight. Even me, and let me tell you that I have been quite reckless with my life change.

You have plenty of time to save/secure your money plan. Don't worry about that.

2- A detailed "foolproof-new-life-plan".

Nope. It simply does not exist.

If anyone tries to sell a "one fits all" life change plan with the guarantee that you could keep your lifestyle and revenue level, my advice is the following: run.

No risk = no gain.

Foolproof doesn't exist when you change your life.

3- A life coach (and I am a life coach).

You are strong and smart enough to start today your life-change journey on your own.

Maybe with time, you will be happy to be supported by a coach to discover yourself. Maybe not.

Trust yourself. It's YOUR life, you are the only one who knows which one you want to live.

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