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About me

Sophie Renaude - Life change coach - Happy

Work, money, family, holidays, more work, more money...


… and for years that was fine. 

For 17 years (the first part of my adult life) I have been a corporate tax manager.

I worked for big corporations and law firms. I had true moments of joy, I travelled the world, and I received and gave love, but I lived almost exclusively in my head. Always planned what I wanted - or could buy - next, often blaming my past for what I did not have yet. 

My body was a more or less collaborative machine, my emotions were interesting but often hard to manage and I had no time for anything but work.

Was I happy? From time to time (mostly when I was on holiday).

Did I like the job I was so well-paid to perform?  Not really, but it was so well-paid that I did not want to take too much time thinking about it, or what I was doing with my life.

And time went by.

Did I need a wake-up call? Of course, I did.

And like a lot of people, this wake-up call came from my body.

One year, my back started to hurt very, very badly. I could spend days and then weeks with sharp pain while walking or sitting.

Something was obviously wrong, but feeling invincible, I wisely decided to do absolutely nothing about it. Work, family, money, holidays...

Four years passed, and the pain was almost constant. The messages sent by my body accumulated but remained unread until one day my back broke for good.

One crushed spinal disk later, I started to think that I could maybe do something else with my life.

That my body, my emotions and my life could be different.

With the support of my family, I jumped: I quit my corporate job. And my flat. And my country. I changed almost everything.


I went back to school to learn new skills and to get new degrees. I became a freelancer, and I did a lot of different side jobs to pay the bills during my transition ... and doing so, I discovered pretty incidentally what well-being and self-development meant. Spoiler alert: well-being has very little to do with chanting mantras on a beach during a $10,000 spiritual week retreat in Costa Rica ;) 

Well-being is about taking care of ourselves daily by doing our best to live a life in line with who we are (don't panic, you don't have to change everything as I did to find your way!).

Sometimes it's hard, and sometimes so natural it requires no effort.   

8 years later, I can testify that the road has been "a little" bumpy, certainly very different from what I had planned at first, and also quite beautiful. 

Today, I am a coach, a chef and a crime novel author.

But more important: 👉I am a storyteller. 
With you, I am sharing real-life stories, concrete examples of things you can get the life you want and life hacks to discover yourself. 


I have never been happier in my life.

And I wish you nothing but the same.

My journey

Sophie Renaude - Life change coach writer and private chef
Sophie Renaude Nourishingrowth


Coach, Chef, Author

Coach :

- Accredited transformational coach (Animas - Center for coaching - London)

- Vedic meditation instructor (Chopra Center - USA)

- Mental Aid First Aider (MHFA - UK)

Chef :

- Co-founder of a holistic brand "Yoga retreat for Foodies"

- Wellness retreat chef and pastry chef

CAP de Pâtisserie (École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie - École Ducasse- Yssingeaux, France)

Self-published Author - Crime fiction :

- "Les Maîtres du Désordre" (Roman policier - Francais - Published - January 2024)

- "L'Affaire Audrey Laurent" (Roman policier - Français - published - December 2022)


Wake-up call : I jumped and start a new life!


Job, flat, country ... I quit everything!


Economist, Corporate Tax manager

17 years as an Economist and International corporate tax manager working for large corporations and law firms in Paris.

My speciality if you ever wonder: transfer pricing ;)

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