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The thrill of quitting a corporate job!

What it is like to quit corporate life and start a completely different career?

It is electrifying.

And it’s also a crazy roller coaster. Exhilarating, fabulous, and frightening like hell.

As a career coach - who has created a coaching programme for people who want to take the leap - I could try to bullshit you (hello potential customer...).

This post could be an endless sales page where I'll tell you that: "With me jumping from a corporate job to a completely different career will be a smooth-like-silk process, risk-free, finger in the nose, don’t worry and sign here, blablabla".

Even if this is not a complete lie (I have been where you are, so yes, I perfectly know how to smooth and ease the process as much as possible) it won’t be the truth either.

Truth is: no matter how well you are prepared and supported, jumping and starting an entirely new career remains a f... challenge.

If you are looking for something effortless and 100% success guarantee, you are definitely heading for trouble.

But relax: neither is it an unbearable ordeal.

And compared with your current professional life, it might also be an incredible gift to do to yourself.

The day I decided to quit my corporate job.

Who was I 6 years ago?

Can you picture a corporate manager, working for multinational firms, earning a nice amount of money and doing nothing of her life but working?

Well, that was me.

I did not decide to quit this life overnight on a whim.

It took me months of self-questioning, doubts and hopes before I admitted that the point was not that I wanted to do it, but that I needed to do it.

Some days I felt the world was my oyster. Some days I felt doomed, only good enough for data crunching and annual report drafting.

So, it took me months. And one day (true story) as I was queuing with thousands of people to exit the monstrous city train station in Paris, I realised that if I did not change something in my life, I will have to queue every day for the next 27 years.

I snapped.

In one second, I made my choice: I quit.

Maybe right now, you are like my "6 years ago me"?

  • Maybe your corporate life starts to be less and less attractive? (except for the salary)

  • Maybe you are wondering why going on like this?

  • Maybe the only thing that cheers you up is the prospect of your next holidays?

  • Maybe you are not sure that your job has a real added value?

  • Maybe the idea that you had to wait to retire to finally live your life - in a couple of decades or more...- is becoming unbearable?

If that's you, don't freak out, and rejoice : I am the living proof that you can change and get the life you want. No matter your age, family status ... you can do it.

🤔 So, what it is like to quit your corporate job for a new mindful career?

In short : difficult but exhilarating.

It will require to take risks, to quit your comfort zone, to welcome an army of doubts as your new best friends.

But the counterpart ... today I feel alive.

Sure everyday is not a field of roses, but everyday is a day I choose.

I am no longer waiting for the next holidays to live, the endless cycle of numb weekdays/exhaustive weekends has ended.

Clearly the best thing I've done in my life.

Quitting my corporate job will give you the chance to get a real purpose, to feel valued, and to be in line with who you are. Sounds like a self-developemt bu…hit fantasy?

Well, let me tell you that that's a good one.

🔔Does it resonate with what you are craving?

If so, changing for a career that makes deep sense for you is probably the best thing you will ever do.

So even if you think you are not 100% ready, even if you have doubts (spoiler alert: doubts are your new flatmates) I cannot encourage you enough to start the process.

You are 1000% braver and more audacious than you think!

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